IPV Mini v2 – Long Term Review


Pioneer 4u (P4U) released the IPV Mini v2 to much anticipation at the end of 2014 but availability was light until early 2015. As a single 18650 70W VV/VW mod, it was capable of delivering power above and beyond most of the single 18650 mods available at the time. With a spring loaded 510, small form factor, and easy to use menu system it was solid and practical device for daily use.

Here we are almost 1 year later and the IPV Mini v2 still holds on to a spot in my regular rotation. Though it lacks temp control, it still packs a punch for kanthal builds. I frequently use it to run my kanthal RDA’s and assorted sub ohm tanks. As a matter of fact, I am currently using it with my Tobeco SuperTank and it delivers every time.

Now that I have said all of that, there is some bad about this device and it is only fair that I get to that as well. First and foremost, I purchased the black model personally and I can’t use words strong enough to describe just how bad the paint that they used for this mod is. Within 2 days of owning the mod the paint began to flake and peel. It continued to do so until about 80% of the device was bare metal. Ultimately I wound up having to buy a silicone skin for the device simply to prevent having to pick small paint flakes off of my hands and clothes all day. Aside from this the battery end cap is rather flimsy coated brass as well and could be easily cross threaded. Additionally there have been times where the display has randomly stopped working and the device will not come on even with a fresh battery. Removing and re-inserting the battery seems to remedy this situation but it is extremely annoying when driving or stealthing.

Overall Score 8/10

Overall the IPV Mini v2 has treated me well and I will retire it with honors when it’s replacement arrives (IPV D2). I only hope the D2 can live up to the reputation of it’s older brother as a go-to device in my arsenal.

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